Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s love and acceptance of physics is this week finally on display for all to see.

Once touted as a stubborn denier of climate change, Morrison has earned a reputation as a world leader who puts more faith in pentecostal Christianity than our hard-working scientists who work day in and out to explain why everything is on fire.

But that all changed this week, after the PM exposed himself as a secret greenie, one who respects the concerns of scientists, and realises it is nothing short of lunacy to put the dying fossil fuels industry before the planet.

However, as someone who’s entire political party is propped up by mining lobbyists and their friends in the Murdoch media, Morrison has had to destroy the coal industry in a way that doesn’t look like smart people were involved.

He’s done this by provoking our biggest trade partner until they snapped.

Relations between Australia and China have grown hostile ever since the economic superpower claimed Morrison had unfairly targeted them with his call for a “weapons inspector”-style powers to investigate the source of global disease outbreaks, implying that this current pandemic was actually a calculated act of war.

In April, China’s ambassador announced a consumer boycott against Australian goods, which was followed by tariffs on Australian goods including barley and disruptions in agricultural and resource exports.

But as a holder of a Bachelor of Science from UNSW, Morrison’s long game was always to eliminate coal from our economy, without looking like Greta Thunberg had anything to do with it.

This week, he achieved his goal, as China formalises import restrictions targeting Australia’s $14bn coal exports.

Reports show China will now prioritise imports from Mongolia, Indonesia and Russia, and power companies will share inventory to ensure prices do not exceed $97.8 per tonne.

China’s import restrictions have left hundreds of millions of tonnes of Australian coal anchored off their coast.

This is a win for the thousands of closeted climate change acknowledgers littered throughout the Liberal Party, namely Malcolm Turnbull, Matt Kean and Scotty The Big Fat Greenie.


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