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While the Commonwealth Games glitters on the Gold Coast many in the mainstream media would be mistaken for thinking the athlete’s village will be the scene for the biggest orgy on the east coast in the next 12 month… little do they know ‘Bonk Week’ is about to commence on the Tropic of Capricorn.

In agriculture circles the three yearly event is renowned as the week to ‘greet the meat’ and improve you’re own herd!

Ready to find ‘Mr Right’, almost 30 year old thirty Sophie McIntyre says she has accommodation, purchased tickets, sorted her frocks and is ready to survey some stud bulls!

Ticking all the boxes after being schooled in Armidale, having a gap year in the NT, graduating from Qld Uni and then having a few years in London, the agribusiness consultant thinks this could be the year.

Miss McIntyre says it’s a case of once bitten twice shy when she accidentally pashed second cousin Rupert at the Brunette Races two nights in a row before working out their Dad’s were at school together and they shared a great great grandfather.

‘Our family is originally from Roma so you’ve got to be careful who hook up with’.

‘I asked Dad and Mum what their mother’s maiden names were and we even had a quick peek at the family tree to make sure I wasn’t going to have a massive shocker.’

She says he Dad agreed that while line breeding was successful for some livestock, hybrid vigor is the new black!

‘Obviously hectares are important but unlike in Mum’s day you’ve got to delve a bit deeper and make sure the succession plan would run to a unit At Mooloolaba as well as moving into the big house in the first decade.’

‘Oh and as my Grandma always says… no filthy Catholics, keep it clean darling’.

More to come.


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