A Robina High School student has today criticised Jarryd Hayne’s ‘lame’ taste in pornography after explicit images were displayed on project screen tethered to the NRL superstar’s iPhone, during a school presentation on cyber security.

Hayne’s phone was connected to a public wi-fi network displaying his browsing history as part of the lesson, when lewd images appeared on the screen in front of hundreds of students at Robina State High School.

Hayne, who was giving the presentation on behalf of Norton Security, was promptly booed by the Gold Coast students who found his browser history, which mostly included straight missionary, to be ‘Vanilla AF’.

Local student, Byrone Greasly (16) says the porn was ‘lame Christian shit’ and he’s seen kinkier shit at a house parties in Burleigh.

“He’s vanilla bras” says Byrone.

“I bet he hasn’t even gone to third”

“I’ve been further than that”



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