In a groundbreaking study that has left researchers scratching their heads, a recent report has revealed that a staggering 90% of American tourists in Australia are inexplicably dressed as if they’re about to go indoor rock climbing, despite having no intention of doing so.

It’s still unknown why Americans love active-wear attire, some say it comes from their love for comfort, others say it’s simply a lack of self awareness.

It has also been reported that the other 10% love wearing jeans with running shoes and always seem to have the B.O of a stoner, some would assume this is due to how sobering it is to buy a six pack of beer in Australia.

Dr.Ralph Cutcliffe (50), lead researcher behind the study, told the advocate about his amazement with the findings.

“We expected to see some different fashion choices between different cultures visiting Australia, but the prevalence of Americans wearing hiking boots, running shoes, cargo pants, and Under-Armor shirts was truly remarkable.”

Locals in heavily touristy areas have expressed their feelings about the report.

“Yeah, it’s extremely obvious who is American and who isn’t. They really do dress like they’re ready to take on the world, they’re also really loud, and not in the cool Brazilian way either.” Said one local.

The Advocate was able to get in contact with an American on holiday to get his opinion on the report.

“It’s comfortable as hell dude, plus It looks sick. If you have a problem with it I really don’t care” said Tyler Davis (21).

The report also found that Italian men are the most likely to wear skinny jeans with zips all over them and that Brazilians really love wearing their national football jersey, although not to the extent that Americans love their rock climbingwear.


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