Despite the fact that he is able to incorporate a Toyota Landcruiser, moleskin trousers, RM Williams boots and champion ruby tobacco into his daily routine – Brisbane stockbroker, Joe McCrombie hasn’t been further west than the mad mile of car dealerships in the city’s industrial suburbs for nearly ten years.

But he has been to the Roma Races once, and another time he was invited to a country 21st. He also claims to be a big supporter of the North Queensland Cowboys.

The 29-year-old is one of many ‘Queen Street Cowboys’ that work in the Brisbane CBD. A community of professional men, and some women, who emulate the culture and attire of regional Queenslanders in an attempt to look more worldly and capable.

“Yeah. It was dry when I was out there last”  he says, without specifying how long ago that was.

“Yeah. Out Roma way”

When asked if he has any family members that live in regional areas, McCrombie says ‘yeah all out and about’ with a grandfather from ‘up North’ – which is why he supports the Cowboys in their most recent finals dash.

That is before he changes the subject to country music, which he also enjoys.

“I was at Keith Urbans show the other night. Can’t wait to get on the mangoes and blare a bit of it these holidays”

“Planning on heading up to Mooloolaba this Christmas, with all the other bushies”








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  2. Isn’t he the bloke who put an ad in the Cairns Post looking for someone to teach him how to break a stock? My old Mum, a dog poisoner for the ‘curry Shire Council posted the clipping to me.


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