The unofficial King Of The Druitt has today confirmed that Diana’s son is a good enough bloke, and he’d love to catch up for a feed next time he’s in the wild wild west.

After proving that he’s a good enough sport to pose for a photo with a near-naked, beer-weilding Kurtley Beale – The Prince Of Wales has reportedly been given the sign off to pop into Mt Druitt next time he’s in town.

After the Wallabies’ 29-21 defeat of Wales on Saturday, Prince William was invited into the Australian change rooms to speak to players and congratulate them on their win, it was there that he was greeted by another iconic royal figure, King Kurtley of Mt Druitt.

“He’s not a bad bloke” says The Wallabies superstar, after sussing out the British royal.

“He reckons he’s always had trouble getting through customs into Western Sydney, I told him I’d make things as easy for him as possible next time he’s in town”

Prince William was reportedly elated by the news, not since 1985 has a royal visited this particular part of Australia – and even then it was only my mother, my father was told to stay in the hotel”

“My mother used to speak of the Tuscan-like plains of Mt Druitt” he says with a smile.

“It’s very important that we amend relations with KB and the rest of the royal family at the foothills of the mountains”

It is believed that Kurtley even offered Prince William a deadly pair of Indigenous-themed Budgy Smugglers, and promised to take him out for a day at the Blacktown RSL Chinese Buffet.


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