Members of the New South Wales riot and public order squad have had to attend to an ongoing incident at ABC’s Triple J studios in inner-Sydney this afternoon.

It is believed that a number of prominent male Triple J employees, from the announcing and programming department, have gotten hold of a hand gun and are attempting to play a lethal game of chance – in what can only be described as a hysterical display of mob mentality.

This comes as the public broadcaster uses today to bring “girls to the front” in honour of International Women’s Day, with an all female line up taking over all regularly scheduled programming.

The lower floors of the ABC’s Ultimo headquarters have been evacuated after several of the female on-air announcers look out the studio window into the offices and saw Tom Tilley holding a gun to his head in what looked like a game of Russian Roulette.

In a photograph taken from Gen Fricker’s phone, Tilley, Lewis Hobba and Richard Kingsmill can be seen playing with the illegal firearm, while other colleagues chant.

“This seems to be an example of what happens when idiots are left alone for too long” said NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn.

“They have been left in a room alone, with no female colleagues and nothing to do” she said.

“Who the fuck knows where they got the handgun from? Earliest reports suggest Liam Stapleton was gifted it by some touring Adelaide hip hop artists”




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