Former Minister For Women Michaelia Cash has thrown her full support behind International Women’s Day by promising the public that she will be fully inclusive of all female colleagues in her efforts to besmirch their names and undermine their careers with unproven rumours.

This comes after last week’s controversy that saw the Liberal MP has come under fire for her verbal joust with Labor Senator Doug Cameron, in which she threatened to “name every young woman in Mr Shorten’s office, of which rumours in this place abound.”

Today she has finally come out from behind the white board and a touching and bold acknowledgement of the March 8th commemoration, centred around empowerment and inclusivity for women right across the world, both at home and in the workplace.

“While I still refuse to label myself a feminist, because I feel that title actually undermines equality – especially when you are a Liberal politician – I would like to make it clear that I believe in the sentiments of the day” she said to Sky News this morning.

“I vow to continue spreading rumours that have the potential to ruin young women’s careers in a way that would make it very hard for them to defend themselves” she said, in a touching moment of unabridged egalitarianism.

“This is not just young women, this is also the older ducks. No matter their seniority in the political arena”

“I will leave no women behind when it comes to the rumours”

“xoxo Gossip Girl”





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