Despite the fact that her dog looks like it’s ready to fuck up the first person she gets close enough to – local Pit Bull owner, Sharon, says a lot of the caution shown towards her preferred breed of dog is nothing but stigma.

“No animals are born bad” she says, while attaching a torso vest to three-year-old cross-bred bullbaiting dog.

“It’s all about how they are raised. These restricted breed laws are bullshit”

Under Australian law, any dog on the list of restricted breeds can no longer be sold or given away as pets. It is illegal to accept ownership of such a dog. If you already own such a dog, you must desex and register it with your local council.

Sharon says she bought ‘Holyfield’ from an ad on Gumtree, and was initially a bit skeptical about whether the breeding was as pure as had been advertised.

“It was a relief when she grew up to be 100% bully”

After telling us a long-winded, possibly untrue, story about Pit Bulls used to be known as ‘nanny dogs’ because of their gentleness and fierce overprotection of human infants, Sharon says Pittys only play up if they’ve been abused.

“A part from that one time at the park, Holyfield has been a model pet” she says.

“There was that one incident with the little girl at the park but what do you expect when a toddler decides to run up and hug a dog it doesn’t know that well”



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