One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has today turned up to Parliament wearing a full burqa, after her South-Brisbane hairdresser by the name of Barbara accidentally left her foils in for a bit too long.

What was initially thought to be a desperate grab at media headlines in a news cycle that is dealing with things far more important than her far-right conspiracy theories, it is believed the noted critic of Islam reportedly identified herself to security before entering the chamber, but wouldn’t let them look at her hair.

Pictures from the Senate this afternoon show Ms Hanson calmly taking her place in the chamber wearing the full body covering, while muttering that “it’s hard to maintain a natural red when you are dealing with morons like Barb”

“She’s gone and shat the bed”

Gasps of “what on earth?” could be heard from the Senate as she sat down. Lawyer General George Brandis looked bemused by the spectacle.

“What’s going on here, darl?”

Pauline responded venomously.

“Get stuffed, George. Barb’s gone and stuffed up the highlights”

“I swear to God. Lucky my neighbour Rita had a spare one of these”

The stunt comes just days after Pauline Hanson’s beloved Trump administration called out her party for her anti-Muslim rhetoric.

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