The heavily outnumbered Neo-Nazi protesters currently under siege in the Virginian town of Charlottesville have breathed a sigh of relief today, after the arrival of their neo-military allies from Japan.

The Empire of Japan (大日本帝國) was the historical Japanese nation-state and great power that existed from the Meiji Restoration in 1868 to the enactment of the 1947 constitution of modern Japan, after they were atomic-bombed into surrender by the US Army.

However, it was not until today that American media were made aware that this particular military movement’s resurgence, through a Neo-Japanese-Imperialist group still fighting a war they comprehensively lost in the late forties.

“We come here to defend our Neo-Nazi allies from the American tyrants” says one Neo-Japanese-Imperial-General, named Yoshi.

“These are our allies, even though they are actually Americans who’s grandparents fought against us”

“Even, though they come from the country that once defeated the Nazis… They have chosen to be Nazis – which means they are our allies”

It is believed, the Neo-Japanese-Imperialists were called in to support their Neo-Fascist allies upon the outbreak of violent clashes in the Southern college town, where hundreds of white supremacists gathered to halt the planned removal of a Confederate statue from a park.

Donal Trump has refused to condemn the actions of the once-enemies of America, as the protestors remain loyal to the Empire of Japan’s membership in the Axis alliance.

“There are some very fine people from both sides of this protest” he said.

“Even in the group of people who represent the enemy nation that bombed Pearl Harbour”

“We need to listen to both sides of this protest”

It appears Trump’s voter core have forgotten how bad both the original Nazis and original Japanese Imperialists were, as they scrabble to justify the existence of far-right racist movements that emulate the political ideology held by dictatorships that were literally killing American troops not even seventy years ago.




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