The publican of the Havastink Hotel in Barcaldine’s light industrial wetlands says there’s a lot of memorabilia on the walls that probably needs to be taken down.

Jock Evette (66) says he could probably afford to lose the arguably racist Rodney Rude posters… as well as the photo from when that coward Peter Garrett came in and had a photo with the staff… Also the rusted tin instructions for ‘how to keep a man happy’ that sits above the bar.

But one thing that won’t be coming down is the euphoric tribute to our dear men in Maroon. The framed and signed QRL poster commemorating the 7th State of Origin series in row in 2012, one year before the streak ended at eight.

“We definitely got a bit overexcited after that 2012 series. One point in it, fuck me” says Jock

“JT had played every single half of Origin football for 24 matches and we won the thing on a point. We aren’t taking the fucking poster down. Eight was good… But 2012…”

“That series was so good that I made the german waitress teach me how to use the internet to bid for this poster”.

As Jock and the regulars point out, the 2012 State Of Origin Series was the last time that state representative players were allowed to fire off closed fists at each other, and therefore represents the spectacular finale to rugby league football as we know it.

“It’s all different now”

“Thanks a lot Gallen you grub.


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