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A man who isn’t Alan Jones has today given his two cents, on behalf of the everyday Australian who can’t remember where they know him from.

The man claims to be one of the last few people willing to ‘tell it how it is’ and provide insight into how the mind works for 60-somethings with very little education and no real life experience outside of giving opinions on talkback radio.

His opinion, while volatile, seems to be only included as a way to provide a knee-jerk balance to his left-wing (?) comedian counterparts, so as to not upset for the remaining consumers of free-to-air radio and TV.

Unlike former political speech writer, Wallabies coach, thespian, historian, author and philanthropist Alan Jones – this particular conservative commentator’s resume really doesn’t list much more than ‘Disagreed with Waleed a few times’ and ‘went on a reality TV show too’.

While most arguments presented appeal to the few Australians that match up to his exact demographic, his glorified but misplaced nostalgia actually doesn’t achieve anything except rile up a few 20-cents-a-word hipsters into write op-eds to be rocketed around their equally irrelevant left-wing echo chambers.

Despite having never had to worry about military conscription, automation of jobs, environmental longevity and the financial disadvantage currently facing people both older and younger than him, the man seems to think anyone who questions his opinion is simply ‘soft’ or ‘hysterical’.



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