American producer, actor, writer and musician, Childish Gambino has this week released a music video for his new single This is America. Reaching up to 50 million views in just days.

The video is a social commentary on current issues, including police violence, racism and gun crime – and has been ricocheted around social media by a youth audience on social media.

That, as well as civil rights commentators, journalists and fellow musicians – as both America and the world are forced to confront the very real conversations that are resulting from the Shakespearean video.

However, one community that is just catching up, a couple days later, is the world’s high school english teachers – who totally get it.

“Ok, who here has seen the new Childish video” says a nonchalant Mrs Kelly (43), year 11 English teacher from South Betoota High.

As majority of the class makes it known clear that they have all used social media in the last 72 hours, Mrs Kelly launches into well prepared discussion surrounding the ‘discourse’ and ‘subtext’ of the song.

“So, can anyone tell me what they think it is about” asks Mrs Kelly, who doesn’t even flinch during the swear words.

The class spends the next 40 minutes preparing to cringe, as their teacher carefully navigates through the political minefield of one of Youtube’s highest trending videos.

“Yeah, I love some of Childish’s old stuff, but this is really a new level” says Mrs Kelly, who is up to date with these kinds of things.


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