The Gibbs family has today braced itself for the incoming flood of GIFs.

This comes after the household matriarch, Kathleen, discovered how to send GIFs in the family chat. She has since moved to sending them to each individual relative off-thread via text.

GIFs have been a staple for many people with smartphones over the last few years as the moving graphics or images can be used as a tool for humour if done so sparingly and thoughtfully.

Kathleen Gibbs discovered how to send the graphics in her family WhatsApp group chat on Sunday night around 7.40pm and has since sent through 7 separate GIFs, most of which don’t make sense.

Her youngest daughter Hailey told us that she and her siblings are concerned about the trend.

“My older brother’s wife is about to have a baby. She sent three dancing baby GIFs one after another this morning,” Hailey said.

“She sent a few random ones yesterday after sending like 3 on Sunday night. The other kids are trying to figure out who’s having a chat with mum about the worrying phase,” she laughed.

However, we managed to get hold of mother Kathleen and she told our reporters that she has absolutely no plans to tone it down.

“No way,” Kathleen said.

“These things are amazing. There is one for pretty much every situation. Angry ones. Funny ones. Dancing ones. And oh my lord the baby ones are great,” she said while showing our reporters her handy work.

“I know my husband Darren is going to love using them too when I show him how to use them!”


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