A local bloke at work has made point of reminding everyone that there was talk earlier this week about staff drinks.

Corby Eatons (33) has popped his head into three different offices today asking fellow employees if they are ‘still keen’ for a cold ones in six hours.

“Who’s keen?” he says.

“I think we should pop down to Gilroys at 5 on the dot” he chuckles with an undertone of seriousness.

Office accountant, Shelley, says she’s not sure why Corby is so keen to organise drinks with a bunch of people who usually make a point of not hanging out socially, but she’s got a few theories.

“Either he’s carrying on like this so people think he’s a legend pisshead, or he actually is a functional alcoholic. Eleven in the morning is pretty bloody early to be talking about this”

“Or, he’s dead broke and just wants to rack up a few jars on the bosses card – that’s the only reason I’d be joining”

While it remains unknown if the boss will actually come through and put on a tab at the low-quality corporate pub downstairs, whispers are building that it might be one of those bigger nights that come from out of nowhere.

“I’m keen for anything” says Corby.

“Just gotta get through the next six hours. I might skip lunch so I can start earlier”


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