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A loud young man has reportedly woken up everyone he lives with overnight after returning home from a Betoota Links party, The Advocate has heard.

Kenyon Gibson arrived home to his French Quarter terrace sometime after 1 AM last night, where he proceeded to clip-clop across the floorboards in his Ariats like a Clydesdale according to one housemate.

In addition to his equine-esque footsteps, the 29-year-old reportedly shouted at the top of his lungs for no apparent reason before retiring to his room.

“It was absolute bedlam,” said housemate Greg Fordham, 46.

“He sleeps in the attic so he’s pretty much up and down the stairs all night until whatever he’s on wears off! So loud! First, he comes down for a glass of water or something, then he comes down for a piss,”

“Honestly. I know he’s three sheets to the wind but he’s taking the fucking piss. He should at least take his boots off at the door like most self-respecting cowboys do.”

The Advocate reached out to Mr Gibson for comment, but have yet to receive a reply because you don’t usually see him until well after lunch.

More to come.


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