Maverick National Party MP George Christensen has had his hopes dashed within split seconds of throwing his hat into the ring as a possible National Party leader and Deputy Prime Minister.

This comes less than an hour after Barnaby Joyce has announced his will stand down from the roles as of Monday.

Mr Joyce had faced sustained pressure to step down after revelations of his affair with a former staffer became public, On top of this, journalists and Western Australian Nats have been spotted rummaging through his trash cans in an effort to find dirt on the man.

Gorgeous George was seen approaching Nigel Scullion and other high-ranking Nats, before being told to go back to his video games.

“Haha. George you are classic” said Scullion.

“Wait. Seriously?”


“No chance”‘


Mr Joyce explained his decision to quit the frontbench, saying there had to be some “clear air” – meaning, he doesn’t like having paparazzi parked on his front lawn. Joyce said he would resign at a meeting of the Nationals in Canberra on Monday morning.

Mr Joyce said he would sit on the backbench and would not be resigning from parliament, and has informed acting Prime Minister Mathias Cormann of his decision to stand down today.

Mr Joyce has not said who should replace him as leader and deputy prime minister, but has indicated it would probably be better for the National Party if he didn’t resign, before they place George Christensen in the top job – as the Mackay-based men’s separatist isn’t really a good face for the party.


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