For the first time since the invention of sports gambling advertisment, the Murdoch family are upset with by the high-ratings and un matched entertainment value of both the NRL and AFL grand finals.

Not because they couldn’t secure exclusive broadcast rights from the free-to-air TV stations, and not because the team literally owned by NewsCorp didn’t win.

But because all of the excitement and clickbait that comes with a weekend of thrilling football is distracting Australians from the Murdoch family’s immediate goal.

Which is to protect the legacy of the Liberal Party by intentionally undermining a once non-political referendum.

The Voice To Parliament Referendum Is in just over ten days time, with a vast majority of Australians polled still very unsure about which way they will vote.

The Vote Yes Campaign remains firm with their positive, high-road approach to appealing to everyday voters with themes of solidarity, kindness, and mateship

However, the No Campaign, which has effectively dominated Murdoch headlines and news updates, are focusing their attention on how the Indigenous Voice will enslave us and make everyone gay by replacing teachers with microchipped drag queen communists who have been groomed by bill gates to help him control us.

The Murdoch Family and their many media assetts, that operate tax-free with a complete lack of media regulation, namely the Herald Sun, The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, The Courier Mail, The Hobart Mercury and Sky News are now desperately trying to get these mouth-breathing bogans back on track with their coordinated multi-platform misinformation campaign against anything that looks like equality for Indigenous people.

This comes amid growing concerns that a succesful referendum result could humiliate their beloved Liberal Party, who might not survive another public defeat, not to mention how a resounding YES vote would also further expose the complete lack of influence the Murdoch family has over everyday Australians who only really put up with their far-right conspiracies because of the footy.

This return to regular right-wing propanda programming is of the utmost importance the week after Dan Andrews was able to humiliate the political and media class by leaving the role of Victorian Premier on his own terms after 9 years of increasing his vote margins.


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