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A recent report by the Australian Maritime Union has found that recreational boat and fishing experts are 90% less likely to put their boats in accurately, in one go, without having a lit cigarette hanging from their mouth.

The study also found that sparking up a cigarette is not just limited to the boat ramp, or the boat, but also very prevalent for the driver of a ute or 4WD before they even make their way out of the car park.

“What we have found is punching a durry on the water is something that Australians, particularly Queenslanders, hold so dearly, that they will smoke as soon as they get anywhere near the water” said lead researcher, Rex Occhilupo.

“So much so that you can expect that 90% of people standing on or near a suburban boat ramp with be smoking a cigarette”

The report finds that while Australian boat-owners were very unlikely to litter their butts into the ocean, it is not uncommon to see them swishing around at the bottom of their tinnie when they pull back in.

Demographics remain diverse in terms of durrie punching, from the Asian family that can somehow manage to get in and out in like 9 minutes, or the Muslim family with every single bit of gear except for their non-amphibious religious dress.

“There is also no point in asking them if they can put their cigarettes out, unless you want to be ridiculed by about 10 different strangers.” said Occhilupo.



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