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Picking up The Advocate this morning, the front page made Phil Durham choke on his honeyed Wonder White slice.

“Kid A,” he coughed.

“Now way in hell is that the best Radiohead album. Everybody knows it’s The Bends. A child would probably tell you it’s OK Computer or Amnesiac. Trust me, it’s The Bends,”

“This is outrageous! A person’s choice in news outlet is supposed to reaffirm their opinions and prejudices, not challenge them. I’m taking this all the way to the Press Council, I’m lodging a complaint.”

But just before he shared his opinion to his Twitter echo chamber and Facebook followers, he paused to read the article.

It was then where the 42-year-old realised the folly of his ways.

“Oh my God,” he said.

“These are the results of a local poll conducted one afternoon on one street corner in the French Quarter. This poll doesn’t mean shit. This article is rubbish. The Betoota Advocate has gone downhill recently and they don’t even pretend they’re not run by rusted on socialists with an axe to grind!”

“Just goes to show you, sometimes headlines can be misleading. I mean, give me a break! Is Fake Plastic Trees better than Motion Picture Soundtrack? Maybe when you feel like you’re on fire and the world is caving in on you, granted. But Kid A is not the best Radiohead album.”

The Advocate can confirm that the poll used to write the article was conducted by an intern reporter with limited journalistic experience and that should be taken into account.

It is of the editorial staff’s opinion that Amnesiac is the best Radiohead album.

More to come.



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