We are only hours from the 2018 budget’s release, but the Federal Government has already revealed how key sectors such as education, infrastructure and housing are likely to fare:

Education fees are going up, 1st home buyers might be allowed to access their superannuation to help them compete with multiple home-owners, infrastructure projects will continue to chug along with no sight of a speed rail network – and religious institutions are going to stay exactly the same despite the epidemic rates of child abuse and embezzlement.

Speaking out the front of Parliament house this morning, devout happy clapper and Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison was asked by a reporter if his government has considered maybe making Australian religious institutions accountable for the money they take from their followers.

“Are you serious?” he asked, while smiling cheesily.

“No wait. Are you? Like deadset?’

When the reporter responded by saying he was being serious, and that analysts suggest taxing the church at half the rate small businesses are taxed could essentially drag the entire country out of debt in half a decade and as well as pay for all the money that has been spent investigating them for child abuse over the last decade, the Treasurer erupted in hysterical laughter.

Nearby politicians that joined in on the laughing included Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott and recent Liberal mutineer, Cory Bernardi.

It is believed Morrison went red in the face during the laughing fit, before composing himself and telling the journalist that this isn’t Cuba, and asking if he had rocks in his head.



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