5 October 2016. 12:25


New South Wales Premier Mike Baird has demanded the Reserve Bank recall the 170 million new $5 notes that were released into circulation on September 1st.

He claims that the note, which is carrying world first anti-counterfeiting features and a design to help the vison-impaired, is being spat out by pokie machines.

“After sitting down with some advisors who aren’t in my cabinet, I’ve asked the Reserve Bank, the Royal Mint and the Turnbull Government to recall these ill-thought out notes,”

“Pokie machines are a big part of our economy and culture, and it’s been made clear to me by Clubs NSW that they simply don’t have the time to upgrade their machines,”

“Neither does the Star or Crown,”

“I don’t think we should take away our residents rights to spend the lowest amount of money possible on electronic gambling,”

“In the meanwhile, I’d suggest the punters should hold on to their old five dollar notes if they come across any,”

While supermarket chains were quick to upgrade the software on their self-service kiosks, it appears the poker machine licence holders aren’t going to budge.

“Why should we have to compromise our perfectly good stranglehold on Australia’s underclass?” said one spokesman for Clubs NSW.

“The Federal Government have once again proven that they can’t work with us. So Baird is going to have to pick up the pieces,”

“He owes us… After he closed down Greyhound Racing NSW so that Hillsong could set up their news CBD HQ in Wentworth Park.”



  1. If supermarkets were quick to upgrade the software in their self-service kiosks why can’t the clubs,pubs and casinos do the same. So they claim that they don’t have the time, even though closing down their poker machines for a couple of days would cost the economy far less that recalling 170 million $5 notes.
    Secondly the vision impaired need a note that can be easily identified. The new $5 note is one such note.
    Thirdly why shouldn’t racing Greyhound Racing NSW be closed. It’s an industry that profits from cruelty to animals. It is an industry that is both draconian and immoral.

  2. Baird, Hillsong, Wentworth Park ???
    How about you have your investigative department expand this story for your readers.

  3. Instead of worrying about whether the government is going to be impacted by pokies not taking the notes think of the benefits for blind and vision impaired.


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