5 October 2016. 12:25


A recent study by the University of Queensland has found that 89% of Australians that are capable of fixing trivial but complex workplace and household things, are named ‘Rod’.

Lead researcher, Professor Mal Tuqiri says the study was important for many reasons, mainly because most Australians just assumed that the number was closer to 100%.

“This isn’t necessarily the case,”

“Some are named Roderick, and some actually asked to go by their full name. The same goes for the Rodney’s,”

“But, in almost all circumstances. If something is broken – the bloke who knows how to fix it is going be named Rod,”

“That’s across the board. White goods, office electronics, loosely hung doors, windows frames. The name is diverse in it’s ability to fix things,”

According to a vast number of baby name books from the 1960’s, the name Rod is an English name for men. The meaning of the name Rod is: island of reeds. Also a famous ruler.

The study has also found that over 55% of Australians claim that the first time they ever saw someone smoking roll-your-own tobacco was when one of these Rod’s were called to their house when they were younger.

“Rod’s are renowned for having a quick smoke while mum, dad or the office manager goes inside to call the retailer of said broken thing,”

This is a startling revelation, especially when considering the research program’s August findings that 83% of school front office receptionists are named ‘Deb’.

Professor Tuqiri says their next study will be based around finding out just how many PE teachers are named Pete.


  1. Suggest a study of google earth streetveiw shots outside Australia Post office’s the scan around and show a Comode ute. Extra points if ute has full bogun regalia ( driving lights on roof; bull bar; roll bar; barmat on dash)


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