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An explosive return to Australia’s only true national sport has left one local man feeling a worse for wear this morning.

Mike Fairfax, a polite tax accountant by day and a fourth-drop all-rounder under lights, told our reporter that he’s ‘stiffer than a boogie board’ at the moment as he feels he went a bit too hard at last night’s first net session back.

While it wasn’t a compulsory net session last night, the 24-year-old said he’s been chomping at the bit all winter to get back in the creams.

“This is always the case but you always forget until it happens,” said the barnstorming medium.

“The first net session back in the spring always cripples you. But yeah, great to roll the arm over and blow the cobwebs out of the armpit,”

“Seeing the ball well out of the hand, which is encouraging. Fingies feeling a bit sore after the fielding drills, need to remember to soften my hands up. Real intense session back at the end of it, good to be running around again, but.”

Despite being told by the Dolphins club physio to walks warm down and stretch it out, Fairfax told The Advocate that he and a few others retired to the clubhouse for a dinner special and a few cold ones.

“In my professional medical opinion,” said the physio.

“That’s half the reason why he feels tighter than an air rifle today. You must always cool down as you would warm up.”

“But what type of park cricketer even warms up?”

More to come.



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