Another six months of political relevance has been breathed into Pauline Hanson’s career today, as a trailer load of oxygen cylinders arrived at her three-story-rendered brick McMansion in Brisbane’s south.

The delivery was accompanied by a card from Channel 7 TV hosts David Koch and Samantha Armytage who thanked Pauline Hanson for all of her media-creating live-crosses over the last twelve months.

“We promised you three senators, and we came through. We work very well together, Pauline” read the card.

“Now please enjoy this oxygen, courtesy of Channel seven. Just make sure you are up nice an early for the next terrorist attack in Europe and we’ll get a camera on you as quick as we can”

“Your inflammatory comments are providing a smooth palliative pillow for breakfast television”

The executive staff behind the Sunrise program say that in a media cycle bored to near-death by dual-citizenship scandals and politicians being nice to gays and Aboriginals, they have decided to ramp up their coverage of the 62-year-old grandmother – in the same way they did in the lead up to last year’s election.

Local producer, Saul Lezkhunt says its no secret that Pauline Hanson is cheap and very watchable talent for TV in Australia.

“We tried our best to get her elected when we figured this out. She’s just gone from strength to strength with all these media attention,” he says

“We never knew that some political identity from the 90s could be trotted out again and again. She’s so easy to use. So today we are treating her the exact same way we did in the pre-election media blitz. Plenty of Oxygen,”

Pauline says she is very honoured to receive the present and that people with funny last names who commit crimes should be deported to wherever their last name sounds like its from.


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