The 2014 death of Japanese racehorse, Admire Rakti, and the subsequent post-race death of Araldo who was spooked by a kid during the parade – marked the second straight year a horse has died after the Melbourne Cup.

It was the tragedy of this event that sparked a never-before seen and completely unrealistic campaign by GetUp, calling for the banning of horse racing.

Last year it was fan favourite Red Cadeaux that died due to complications with an injury sustained in The Race That Stops A Nation.

The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses spokesman, Sally Young said there had been more than 100 deaths during or immediately after races in the past year.

“Ban everything” she says.

“I say this every year whenever the media remembers our organisation exists”

With the most-watched spectacle of livestock athleticism and workplace gambling set to go down in roughly four hours, the possibility of injury to racehorses is once again something that organises are prepared for.

Standing at the finish line today at Melbourne’s Flemington racecourse, is a bloke named Ambrose.

Held firm in his hands is the controversial Adler lever-action shotgun.

“They won’t feel a thing” he says.

“It’ll be quick, this thing reloads with just one hand movement, so if it’s anything like 2014, I’ll be able to do two of them in just a couple of seconds”

“I promise I’ll make it quick and painless horsies. I’ll have someone holding up a big blanket too so the camera’s can’t see”




  1. You’ve got to be kidding? Firstly that is not a lever action shotgun and secondly shotguns are not used to put horses down. It’s false articles like this that are trying to spread fear amongst the general public and make law abiding firearm owners out to be criminals! Absolutely pathetic attempt at journalism! Any idiot can write a story full of lies, wake up to yourself!

  2. Dear Editor,

    How about taking down the personal bias added into this article with the comment “Held firm in his hands is the controversial Adler lever-action shotgun.”.

    This is NOT an Adler, but an equally old design, ‘Under and Over’ type shotgun.
    Report the FACTS, don’t make up trash !

  3. You knobends don’t know your head from your arsehole. That tosser is holding an under and over shotgun. NOTHING LIKE AN ADLER.
    Screw you all and your bullshit reporting.
    Please, do us all a favour and jump out of your office window.

    Kindest regards,

  4. you can see from the two barrels that it is not a lever action.
    you can also see that “Ambrose” is very nicely photo-shopped into the picture.
    I am all for freedom of the press, but it is articles like this, articles that spread mis-information and fear that cause problems. Stirring up a shitstorm to sell papers is not a good way to make a living.

  5. I dunno ‘lever’ Dan, but I think any reporter that would know a thing or two about Adler’s it would be a betoota reporter.
    And that could just be any old photo of Ambrose with one of his other ‘mistresses’.
    And if you can’t put a horse down with shotgun, give the gun to someone else.


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