A recent scourge of malicious and invasive pop-ups that have been hacked into the code of Australia’s favourite newspaper are attempting to ruin Christmas, it has been confirmed.

“Oh for fuck’s sake” yells Betoota Advocate’s editor-at-large, Errol Parker, as the 16th reader since lunch messages through a screenshot of his iPhone screen.

“Who are these pouch-heads? What do they want from us?”

Editor Clancy Overell, who is still feeling dusty from last night’s Christmas party with the Betoota Soda and Canning company, also makes his displeasure with the current website issues known.

“So I didn’t win a free iPhone? Why the fuck would they tell me I’d won a free iPhone if I hadn’t won a free iPhone”

The Betoota Advocate has been informed that the pop-ups, which appear to come from a website named – have been snuck into their interface by nerds, possibly labor-sympathising nerds, who wish to make money from the news organ’s notable website traffic.

The Betoota Advocate has made it clear that despite the attempts to silence our newspaper by Chinese sleeper cells and young Labor millennials with IT competencies, they will not stop reporting on the current Dastyari/Shorten scandal.

As the Diamantina’s crack team of website technicians work around the clock to fix this glitch, all readers are encouraged to help by their inevitably large invoice by purchasing last minute Christmas gifts from the town’s online outfitters:


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