A delightful bedroom that is available to be sublet over the summer break is not 100% indicative of the lifestyle that comes with the rest of the house, it has been confirmed.

Jessica White (26) is leaving her in-demand suburb of New Farm over the next few weeks to spend time with her family in Toowoomba – and like any cunning millennial, is looking for someone to rent her room out to save a bit of cash.

Without really consulting her housemates, who don’t have family to stay with over the break, Jessica has advertised her bedroom on AirBnb – at a low cost of $300 a week, twice her usual weekly rent.

After an entire afternoon organising the bedroom – complete with throw pillows she bought yesterday – Jess posts it online, and is surprised by the amount of South American bartenders so eager to blow over half their weekly pay check on a very temporary living arrangement.

Her housemates, Toddy (24) and Emma (23) can’t either.

“She’s made no mention of Todd’s dysfunctional relationship with marijuana” says Emma.

“Or the fact that he slipped while drunk and pulled off the shower door… He’s had to rig up a makeshift shower curtain out of a plastic bedsheet”

“Lord knows why he owned a plastic bedsheet to begin with”

With a spritely young bloke by the name of Cristo rocking up with a carry-on sized briefcase at 7pm tonight, Toddy says he’ll make sure he’s sitting near the window while he plays the Gatorade sax over the next few weeks.

“She’s really selling this poor bloke a lemon”

“Us as well”

“I’m pretty sure she’s told them it’s fine to room share. Who knows how many of them will be sharing the eight square metres down the end of the hall”


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