28 September, 2016. 15:15


In what has been described as the most publicised book launch since Jamies Oliver’s Italian, Australian Comedian Magda Szubanski has appeared on upwards of eighteen different ABC variety programs in the last four months.

Whether she’s having a portrait painted by an Archibald finalist, watching an Italian family cook dinner or throwing down with political heavyweights on Q&A, Szubanski’s autobiography is looking to be the most read book in Australia this Christmas.

But she isn’t finished yet.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate, the former Kath & Kim co-lead says she’s hoping to notch any eight appearances on the ABC before the year’s end.

“I’ve only just warmed up,” she said.

“I’m thinking Lateline, 4Corners, 7:30 Report and Play School in the next few months,”

“I’m working on an angle for Landline too. Maybe something about the paternal side of my family’s history of agricultural in rural Poland,”

Magda’s book, Reckoning (on sale now) has proven to be so wildly popular with ABC producers that even Tony Jones read an excerpt on Q&A last week.

Touted as a heartbreaking, joyous, traumatic, intimate and revelatory story, Reckoning shows a relatively unseen side of one of Australia’s most beloved performers. However question marks surround the use of the word ‘unseen’ when considering she has already revealed most of the book’s content over the last few month’s of ABC programming.

It is currently running neck and neck with The Betoota Advocate Round-Up as the highest selling book in Australia. Magda says she isn’t phased about the healthy competition with this newspaper.

“I’ll be doing a home delivery with Julia in a few months. That’ll move some units,”

“Might even get a start on Media Watch when Paul Barry realises how much PR the ABC have been doing for me,”

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