Local woman, Janet Kingston (28) would never so much as look at another man, that’s how committed she is in her relationship with her boyfriend of three-years, Jed.

So much so that she doesn’t even have a celebrity crush, or any ex-boyfriends on Facebook.

That is, until Jed’s 130 kilogram mate Billy enters a room.

While an electrician by trade, Billy is also well known around town as possibly the most cuddly-looking tighthead prop in Betoota – and like many huskier gents, he is required by law to let women hug him whenever they feel like it.

“It’s my duty, I guess” he says to our reporters.

“They aren’t getting any of it at home”

“And by ‘it’ – I mean proper, squishy cuddles”

For an outsider, the flurry of hugs and occasional cheek-pecks that occur whenever Janet gets near her boyfriend’s portly mate may actually look as though the two are engaged in a romantic relationship. However, as everyone in their social circle knows, this arrangement is strictly for the cuddles.

“I’m completely fine with it” says Jed.

“I know she can catch Billy by surprise sometimes, and maybe give him a fright, but she’s not the only committed woman in his life. I’m pretty sure he gets this from his sister-in-law and all the girls in his apartment building.

Billy, who isn’t exactly bad looking, occasionally manages to convert his cuddliness into a real relationship – however most of the time it’s just his mates’ girlfriends that want a piece of the big fella.

“It’s all good. We keep feelings out of it” he says.


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