Ingham’s truck driver Martin Gribble (43) is reportedly internally conflicted this morning as he casually contemplates his third Zinger of the week for lunch today.

Having landed his job as an Ingham’s truck driver three years ago, Gribble has since lived out his childhood dream of visiting KFC daily for work, delivering fresh chook that has yet to make him not salivate, even in its uncooked state.

“Whoever said don’t get high on your own supply has never visited 50 KFCs a week.”

At approximately 11:10 am, Gribble was finishing up a delivery at KFC Ermington when he first floated the idea of smashing a fresh Zinger for today’s lunch, but became indecisive when he realised it would be his third this week.

“Well you see on Monday it was a treat because it was my brother’s birthday. Wednesday I got one because I was planning on the gym that evening. I shouldn’t have one today… mind you it is Friday though, and I am going to be dropping the chicken off fresh. Would almost be silly not to” he said.

Realising he was just going to scoff a servo pie that had probably been sitting there since he last pulled in, Gribble elected to indulge his triple Zinger work week, with the personal compromise that he orders it with coleslaw instead of chips.

“I’ll get a water instead of cola so I’m still being healthy,” he laughed.

Gribble remained tight lipped about the chances of dabbling in a fourth Zinger.

“The Zinger Quaddie hasn’t been done before but the day is still young.”


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