A local skateboarder has made it clear that he’s got a mate ‘inside’ – and the he worries about him from time to time.

And it’s not because his mate is soft, but because he’s got a hot head.

Aside from skating ‘street’ – there isn’t much that indicates that the local skater, Tim Mattingly (29), has ever broken the law. Other than his mate ‘Rocker’ who’s in the joint.

It is not yet known how Tim know ‘Rocker’  – and whether or not the closeness of their relationship has been seriously exaggerated to boost his own social standing as a bad boy skater.

One thing that is for sure, is that Tim knows ‘Rocker’ – and that Rocker is in jail.

In fact, Tim tried to visit him a while back, but it’s actually harder to visit someone in jail than you’d think. Although he did go to one of his six court dates, to show support with all the other boys.

Friends of Tim have confirmed that he’ll only talk about what Rocker actually did to land himself in jail after a fair few beers, and will pretend like he was actually there when it happened.

“I miss him man”

“Should be getting out soon”


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