As Australia Day festivities take place, men with something to prove all around the nation tuned into Triple M eagerly to hear a playlist they so far have found indistinguishable from the normal workday playlist.

After noticing a gap in the market for those whose music needs were not being met on the anniversary of a cultural decimation, Triple M launched their Ozzest 100 playlist, an Australia Day playlist made up of Australian songs that get played on the station literally every day anyway.

While irrigation and hose salesman Steven Root (36) has managed to enjoy his Australia Day by listening to the Ozzest 100 with a side of non-halal sausages, he finds it hard to believe Triple M’s playlist is that different from their usual daily routine.

“Of course we’re missing Led Zeppelin and My Sharona, but apart from that pretty standard. Oh, fuck yes, Eagle Rock!”

Feeling somewhat cheated, Root believes that Triple M could be recycling old material under a new name, reminiscent of the time his other favourite station WSFM released their entire discography in a 3-CD box set.

According to Root, the playlist has reminded him so much of a day on site that he has resorted to drinking 13 tins of VB just so he could relax.

“And if Khe Sahn isn’t number one, the bloody Grill Team is going to have me to answer to! MG acts tough but I could take him and I could certainly beat the shit out of tubby old Gus!”

Our reporters were forced to flee the scene following a raucous outburst from Root and his partygoers as Solid Rock by Goanna made an appearance.


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