No longer taking place on a day celebrating white superiority, triple j’s Hottest 100 now only commemorates cultural superiority, with avid listeners around the country proving their intellect before their peers by accurately predicting song number #1 on the Hottest 100.

This year, it appears Betoota local Alice Waters (28) has done it again with her number 1 choice ranking in at 95 which is not bad considering thousands of songs were up for consideration.

“Between you and me I was thinking it would be a bit higher but I’d be so embarrassed if it turned out to be like number 96 or 97!”

Waters maintained her strategy this year was just to listen closely to triple j on a weekly basis and read every single article about top 10 songs she could find until she had a popular consensus she could pass off as her own.

According to those close to Waters, her strategy is a change from recent years where she was able to predict number 1 with 100% accuracy, just by hearing songs 100 – 2 on the day.

“We called her out on it though. Every year as soon as we heard the first notes of number 2 she announces ‘I KNOW WHAT NUMBER 1 IS!’ like she’s the queen of the castle and we’re all the dirty rascals.”

While Waters may have made a slight error in terms of placement for her number 1, she is hoping to redeem herself as the day goes on.

“My number 2 hasn’t been said yet. If that gets number 1 that’s basically the same thing.”

“Plus there’s still a chance I’ll get a few right on the hottest 200 tomorrow!”


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