Martin West feels as if he’s dodged a bullet today. While listening to the Hottest 100 at a neighbour’s BBQ, the Hills district father of three acted fast and switched the radio off after the announcement of a language warning.

“Signs from above come in all shapes and sizes man. This one came from the empowered but approachable voice of youth telling me I was about to hear bad words.”

Despite the protests from his children and several other party goers, West was determined to keep the radio switched off until he guessed the song had finished.

“And I guessed the time pretty bang on but no one is talking about that. I bet you don’t even report it.”

“That’s great there’s more gospel out there but do we need to have all these swear words in it? What’s wrong with a good old fashion hymn?”

While it’s been years since he last listened to triple j, West feels like the music now is more profane than the music of his youth.

“It’s a shame they feel the need to curse in order to sound cool. The only swear that should leave their lips is the name of our Lord and Saviour: Jesus Christ! Haha! Get it?”


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