Every public holiday Anton Brooks is caught between two stools.

One stool is making double the amount he normally does for doing half the work he normally does.

The other stool is indulging himself in some mass produced sausages on high carb white bread while enjoying a few drinks of choice with his friends.

“Every year I spend the month leading up to a public holiday telling myself that it’s smart to lock myself away in the confines of employment at the hardware store I work at (Jims Bits N Bobs),” he told The Advocate today.

“And then the day rolls around. Everyone in my share house starts getting excited. They wake up in the morning and are bubbling with joy at the chance to have a free day to consume as much drugs and/or alcohol as they want, and I start to feel very sad” he said.

Brooks told us that as he gets dressed and heads out the door he starts to really feel like it would have been good to jump on the other stool.

“Just for once it would be good. I have worked the last three Aus and Anzac days for fuck sake. It would be nice to just blow out one day.”

“Once I finish this  degree that’s going to in-debt me for the rest of my life and only improve my chances of career success and satisfaction marginally then I can enjoy myself on this public holidays.”

Brooks’ house mate Jack Marshall told us he feels moderately sorry for the long term retail sufferer.

“Poor fella comes home and wants to start winding things up just as everyone is settling down and calling it a day,” he said


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