Thousands of idiots around the world have started "talking shit" about the imminent boxing showdown


While spurred on by several throat charmers at staff drinks, local man Todd Lionel (32) has been kind enough to explain the intricacies of Anthony Mundine’s fighting style to his entire office.

“He’s an all-rounder. Naturally gifted. But he’s had to move a few weight divisions for this one. I think he might be too technical”

Todd, who has been doing boxercise fitness classes for a bit over a year has no problem in putting his hand up as the official ‘boxing guy’ in his office.

When asked by an IT specialist, Bill, who doesn’t know anything about sport, why the fight hasn’t happened sooner – Todd responds by saying something extremely vague that doesn’t really warrant an answer.

Sally, from accounts, asks Todd if he’s ever had a proper fight in the ring. Todd, who has only ever worn gloves in a boxing circuit scenario, says yes.

“Only a couple ones” he says.

“Bit of sparring”

“I’d be too heavy for these guys”


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