3 February, 2016. 11:23

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Late last year, prolific internet troll Jack McInnes called out former rugby great Quade Cooper in an Instagram post – poking fun at the former private schoolboy’s fashion choices.

Cooper immediately fired back, calling out the 22-year-old Mackay-local.

“Yeah, howsa bout me n u sort this out like men? [sic]” wrote Quade. “I’ll sort u out, brus.”

However, much to the shock of the returning Red, McInnes took him up on the offer.

“I though, ‘Fuck me dead, I’m gonna have to fight this cunt, aren’t I?” said Cooper.

“I called him out and he said yeah, so here we are. He doesn’t look like much of a fighter, but he agreed to come up a few weight classes to fight me so I reckon he just ate some schooners. The undercard for Mundine-Green. What a fucking turnout, hey?”

As it turns out, the man that Mr Cooper called out can handle himself a bit – leaving him feeling a bit nervous about tonight’s bout.

Speaking to The Advocate this afternoon, McInnes said he was ready to teach this private schoolboy a thing or two about blueing.

“People have been hanging shit on me about my rig all fucken week, mate,” said Jack.

“I can dish it out just as good in real life as I can on Facebook. I’ll fucken rip the cunt’s head off. Send him back to Ascot with his little fucking boater hat in his hands, the prick. Then if anybody else wants a go, I’ll flog ’em so hard they’ll wake up with epilespy.”

“Should be a good one, but. Get around us boys.”

The undercard starts at 4:30pm Queensland time. Main card is 6:30pm.

More to come.


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