A local Betoota man is looking forward to his new life living with the 85 year old man that just fell asleep on his shoulder on this public bus.<

Barry Twine, 31, says that although he never planned to spend the rest of his days stuck underneath a snoring senior, it’ll be a lot easier to just not wake the old codger up at this point.

“Look, I *could* wake him up”, said Twine in an interview with local media. “But that would be rude, and I don’t want to seem rude. I’ll just stay like this forever”

“Life throws a lot of things your way. But you just have to learn to adjust”.

“I mean, this bloke decided he needed a nap, and he made it work by using my shoulder as a pillow. Similarly, I now have a man who reeks of scotch and Sudafed on my shoulder, and I’m going to adjust to that by just accepting the fact that this is my life now”

While Twine says there are aspects of his old life he’ll regret no longer be able to experience, he’s optimistic about his future.

“Obviously, there are things I’ll miss about my old life. For example, that brief 37 year period where I didn’t have a drooling octogenarian living on my collar, that was great”

“But there are a lot of positives too. I mean, I’m getting a LOT of good-will from people who think I’m taking care of my grandfather, and don’t know that a literal stranger has decided to ruin my life and this shirt”

Twine is particularly hopeful that this ‘new normal’ can have a positive impact on his love life.

“It might have a similar affect on my love life as my mates who take their pets everywhere”


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