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Many times in the past, a quick scoot around Sydney Harbour’s Shark Island from his Point Piper home is enough to put the breath back in his trumpet – not today.

Malcolm Turnbull appeared on popular ABC witch-hunting programme, Q&A, last night and not everything went to plan according to many media commentators.

The sentiments of those particular commentators were echoed this afternoon as the Prime Minister was spotted kayaking, as he loves doing, away from his private wharf and out onto the harbour with a scowl on his face.

Just over an hour later, he returned looking just as displeased.

He dragged his late-model Boréal up into the boatshed and begun rinsing the seawater off.

Speaking to The Advocate via mobile telephone, the former barrister spoke of how he was feeling regarding last night.

“What else do they want from me?” he said softly to himself.

“All this NBN business. For fuck’s sake it’s summer, get off the internet and enjoy the outdoors for Christ’s sake! Your fucking goblins and warcuff [sic] elves will be there when you get back. I promised to get gay marriage over the line, I do it and no cunt at the ABC would even give me a cheer last night,”

“Fuck me, right? And another thing! I’d be loving this Labor-China shit a lot more if it wasn’t for last night. It really took the Kerry out of my Packer, it did. Don’t get me started on last night, child. I could go on for hours.”

When asked what else he had planned for today, he said nothing and hung up.

More to come.


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