A local Greek papou has been brought to tears today by the sight of twelve and half acres of pure polished concrete.

After months of inquiring, 68-year-old Yanni Bouris finally found out which of his forty-three grandchildren knew someone who worked at the Port Of Brisbane, and got them to organise a visit.

The entire Greek diaspora was blown away earlier this year by the news that Brisbane had built the largest joint-less concrete slab in the world. The newly poured marvle of humankind measures at 50,000 square metres without a joint in sight. Arguably the largest joint-less concrete slab ever poured in one go.

Nicknamed ‘The Big Pour’ it has become a must-see tourist hotspot for Australia’s post-war migrant.

“It’s beautiful, moit” says a marvelled Yanni.

“Just bluddy beautiful”

The West End-based solicitor says he could only dream of having this much concrete out the back of his place.

“I’d need to get a bloody big hose” he says.

“But it would be heaven”

Often referred to as ‘the Greek broom’ – the Southern-European practice of hosing down driveways has been a hot topic for local politicians for many years now – as the nation’s Greeks strive to not leave a blade of grass visible in suburban Australia.

“Look at this shit, mate. Completely joint-less”

“No way a skippy did this”


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