In a bizarre coincidence, Australia’s staunchest defenders of free speech are also the most vulnerable to mean tweets from gay activists, who they say are overly aggressive, intolerable and mean.

The grown men, most of who usually only make headlines in a slow news cycle with their comments about repealing section 18c from the racial discrimination act which makes adults legally accountable for racial abusing minorities, say that straight Christian men are being horrifically politicised when it comes to the marriage equality debate.

Senators Eric Abetz and Cory Bernardi as well as the equally conservative lower house bible-bashers George Christensen and Tony Abbott have made headlines over the last fortnight by accusing gay teenagers of saying hurtful things about straight white men, as the overly-expensive same-sex marriage debate reaches it’s most feral premiership lap.

The well-known public servants say that the whole free speech thing should only apply to people like Andrew Bolt when he wants to publicly deny that the Stolen Generation ever happened – and not Yassmin Abdel-Magied or anyone who wants to lift their shirts.

“The YES campaigners are out of control” says Abbott.

“They are feral. Out of control. They are hurting my feelings with their comments about my Church and it’s dysfunctional affect on my family ”

Abbott, who made headlines last week for suggesting a politically-charged pop song should be ‘banned’ from the NRL grand final, says this has nothing to do with his drifting faction’s stance on 18c.

“It’s not the same. Aboriginal jokes are different to being teased because you are uncomfortable around gays”

Senator Bernardi, who left the Liberal Party this year to start an underwhelming, more conservative version of it, says 18c should still be removed but they should keep something their to stop the gays from being so mean.

“18C should be removed to protect people like me with cultural blind spots. It’s ruined a lot of barbeques for me because now I can’t trot out the jokes I used to love making”

“But how are the gays getting away with this stuff. You should see my inbox from those kids at the school wearing dresses. They are so nasty”


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