A local 24-year-old by the name of Hannah Carey has today impressed her close social media friends and followers with the amount of stuff she has gotten up to in the three days since 2018 began.

Through looking at the 182 photos of a new Facebook album uploaded several minutes ago, it becomes clear that Hannah has obviously had a bit going on, with one photo even featuring the Eiffel Tower.

“2017 you were wild, wicked and wonderful. A few highs and few lows, but what a scream” she posts, as if to address the entire calendar year as if it were a person.

“2018, it’s only been three days, but I think we are getting along just fine. Here’s to more friends, more fun and.. more wine!”

Close friends of Hannah’s say that while this isn’t her first “spell-out-the-entire-year-with-full-stops-instead-of-spaces” Facebook album, she’s obviously got a lot more to share than usual.

“Is she in Europe or something. How the fuck did that photo of Paris end up in there, there’s another of her on a boat as well…”

“I’ve got a feeling she’s also snuck in a few highlights from last year as well, it’s literally been 72 hours”


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