Australians North of the Tweed are furious today as the Queenslander’s version of OJ Simpson is once again being ostracised by the smug, southern media elites – for releasing a harmless summer dance track.

Schapelle Corby, more commonly referred to as ‘Our poor Schapelle’  in Queensland – is once again being made fun of by people that think it is okay to incarcerate young Gold Coast women for over ten years without any hard evidence, and in some cases think it’s funny.

Corby, who spent 13 years, mostly behind bars, in Bali after being found guilty of smuggling hooter into Indonesia, is unable to make any money out of her story, according to Australian laws against profiting from crime.

After her return to Australia in May, it is not yet known what she will do with herself, but has alluded to a career in music, after the release of her new track, ‘palm trees’

Commercial breakfast shows were quick to make fun of Schapelle and the new song, with Seven’s Sunrise program joking that Corby is Australia’s “hottest new songstress”

“She should be sent back to prison for this [goofy laughter]” said David Koch, before making several other borderline misogynistic jokes.

The release has confused and upset some classist Southerners, who feel enraged by seeing a young beautician from the Gold Coast out there having a go. Others wondered if it was a ploy by Queensland’s department of tourism.


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