After years of fighting for their right to get legally married, Australia’s LGBTI community are beginning to fear that all of their hard work is going to waste.

As prominent conservative media and political figures continue to undermine the entire concept and sanctity of marriage, there is concern for same-sex marriages not being as special as everyone had hoped they would be when finally legalised.

With the halls of parliament continually flooded with whispers of extramarital affairs between both Yes voters and No Voters, the gay community can’t believe everyone is spitting in the face of an institution they worked so hard to join.

One of Betoota’s recently married gay men, Jason, says after an emotionally draining 12 month battle towards a same-sex marriage postal survey, it’s really shitting him to know that the people who worked so hard to keep him out of their club aren’t even that interested in being there anymore.

“Marriage is a special bond between two people in the eyes of the law and family”

“These conservative figures who keep trivialising this sacred tradition are damaging the institution for everyone”

“I mean, why isn’t anyone considering the children they’ve brought into this world who are now going to have to grow up without a mum or dad… because one of them had to move out because they couldn’t go without rooting a staffer”

“This kind of attitude towards marriage carries drastic consequences beneath the surface. Soon they’ll be teaching them to have extra-marital affairs in school!”



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