The leader of the New South Wales Labor Party, Liam Foley, has today hosted a press conference in the middle of the day just to see if anyone in the media knows his name, and any of his shadow minister’s names.

“Go ahead. Ask us anything” he said.

The lifelong state politician was met with crickets, before a spritely Buzzfeed journalist asked him if Bill Shorten was going to be joining him.

“No” he said.

“I am appearing before the media without Bill Shorten today. I am sorry if that’s the only reason you came out. But seriously, any questions. Ask anything”

This comes just days after rumours began circulating within the Labor party that Shorten had told certain state MPs that they should take a leaf out of the National Party book and start rooting their staffers. That’s if they want to land any front page headlines – or vaguely exist in the voter’s conscientiousness in any way, shape or form.

Alongside Liam Foley stood Deputy Leader Mitchell Daley MP, as well as Shadow Minister for Transport, Jolene Mckay as well as his entire shadow cabinet.

After forty excruciating minutes in which Foley was unable to provide a different position to any Liberal policies, the attention then turned to his Shadow Minister for Education Jeremy Dib.

“When’s your brother’s next fight?” asked one cameraman.

The Shadow Minister for Education was unable to provide a timeline on his brother, Billy ‘The Kid’ Dib’s next boxing match.


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