A local Lebanese-Australian has today revealed that while his renowned manscaping skills are revered by his customers, it is common knowledge that the best chin strap going around his suburb is the one sitting on his own face.

Bob Khattar Jnr – who hails from the inner-south Betoota locality known as ‘Kfar Country’ – says after thirty years in the business, he is yet to see a dissatisfied customer. And that’s surprising, considering very few of them leave his barbershop looking as neat as the bloke they were sitting in front of.

“You gotta look the part, mate” says Bob.

“For one, I’m not gonna get any Lebanese blokes coming in here if I look like David Grohl – and I’m not going to get any Aussies in here either if I look like I’m shonky with the razor”

“Gotta let these Aussies know that I can sculpt their V8 goatees just the way they like it”

Similar to the iconic ‘Butcher’s Steak’ – also known as the Hanger Cut – which is arguably the best cut on steer and usually saved for the butchers, Houssam always makes sure he takes home the best chin strap of the day. A common style of facial hair for Middle-Eastern Australians known as ‘The Craig David’

This practice, however is not specific to the Lebanese community with many Greek and Italian barbers claiming that looking the part is just as important as service.

Local Greek barber, Harry, says he’s always made sure that the best Short-Back-And-Sides-Elvis-Fringe is the one sitting on the top of his lid – and the same goes for the braids on the African hairdressers next door at B2Ta BrAidZ.





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