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After making excuses to get out of an arranged dinner date, Sally Westington (27), sits at her Betoota Cove apartment drinking alone and scouring over social media. Unfortunately, her moment of bliss was cut short when the Virgo saw a photo of two of her best friends having dinner together – the very friends she blew off.  

Immediately screenshotting the Instagram post, Sally sent the photo to her 4th, 5th and 6th best friends, expressing her dislike for the image. Monique, the 6th best friend, was the only one who replied.  

“Can you believe these two?” accompanied the photo in a text message.

“What’s the big deal?” replied her filler friend, Monique.

“I was meant to be there!” said one message.

“I can’t believe they went without me.” Said another.

“We are 27 now” and another.

“I don’t need to be dealing with these toxic bitches anymore.” And another.

Knowing Sally’s loose lipped track record, Monique knew better than to agree with Sally’s bitching, so she replied with a neutral ‘Mhmm’.

The following week, Monique alerted our reporters to an Instagram post of Sally’s, a boomerang that see’s Sally and her two aforementioned best friends cheersing their Aperol Spritz with the caption “T H E S E  T W O <3”   

Monique then went on to explain that Sally was in fact the most toxic person in their friendship group, often letting her jealousy get in the way of common sense and rationality and to “not trust a word she says.”

More to come.  



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