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Jasmine Saunders (26) and her best friend Kim Roquette (25) have only been living together in their Betoota Greens flat for 6 months, however, Jasmine has already developed a grievance with Kim – her boyfriend, or as Jasmine refers to him while bitching to their friends, their 3rd housemate.

The Advocate caught up with Jasmine following the final dress rehearsal of the ultra-sensitive speech she is going to deliver to Kim later tonight.

“I’m going to try and frame it like I miss doing stuff with her, rather than the truth – which is, he’s annoying and eats all our food.”

“She’s a bit delicate when it comes to confrontation, so I’ll just be like, ‘don’t get me wrong, I love Adam, but it’s like we never get to hang out, just us anymore’”

The Advocate understands that Jasmine has enlisted the help of her Toastmasters mentor, Paul Whitewash, to help her pull through more emotion and sincerity in her speech.

“Jasmine has a refreshing candour about her, however in this instance its best for her to lie”

“We’ve been focussing on her intonations and pronunciations. A bit of ‘red leather yellow leather’ never goes astray either”

With the speech time looming, we can only hope that Jasmine’s conscientious approach to confronting the issue pays off.

More to come.



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